My Eye - Photo Contest Winners

The contest is now closed. Thank you for your submissions! We asked you be an Onzone photographer and send us your best pics, so we could see your community and Ontario through your eyes.

...and the winners are...

*images are displayed in order of submission

Windsor, Ontario

"This picture is of a hibiscus. We have several gardens where I live. The people who take care of this building and the grounds are amazing."Kathy Lacovone

Esker Lake Provincial Park, Ontario

"Enjoying the early morning at one of Ontario's many provincial parks, a camping tradition started as a child"Jacalyn Matthews

Janetville, Ontario

"This is a little river the kids love to catch and release perch from. I often see Belted King Fishers and different species of ducks. The old wooden bridge over it adds to the river's charm."Wayne McDowell

Queenston Heights Park, Ontario

"This distinctive tree is a favourite climbing tree for youngsters in the Niagara Region. My own daughters, now 20 and 15 yrs old, loved to sit on its branches."Donna Murphy

French River, Ontario

"This photo was taken when I was on a canoe trip with my school. It is one of our campsites that overlooked a swamp/pond. Camping in northern Ontario is one of my favourite things to do."Emma Smith

Fenelon Falls, Ontario

"My friend and I like to go camping a lot here, and we got up before the sun to go to the lake to take photos of the sunrise."Emma Smith

Collingwood, Ontario

"My photo was taken near favourite places to go and ski.. Blue Mountain. "Emma Smith

CN Tower, Ontario

"The CN Tower is my favourite attraction in Toronto, and I went for my birthday dinner this year."Emma Smith

Hillcrest Park, Thunder Bay, Ontario

"This is the Sleeping Giant from Hillcrest Park in Thunder Bay, ON. The Sleeping Giant means a lot to me because I see it every time that I am near our waterfront I know that it is a large part of Thunder Bay and what brings people to our city. It brings great joy to me."Melissa Sitch

London, Ontario

"This photo was taken from the balcony of my apartment building. In the background is downtown london and in the foreground gas stations and strip malls which seem to take up most of the space in my community. As the London community is growing so are the strip malls. "Nabila Nur

Port Dalhousie, Ontario

"Sunrise in Port Dalhousie"Attila Lazok

Scouts Valley, Ontario

"This was taking in Scouts Valley across from my Grandmothers house, growing up my Papa used to take me in on the trails all the time, and we'd collect rocks and he'd teach me about all the different flowers, etc. Now every year i come back to Ontario, I always take a stroll through the trails and remember the fun times i had as a little kid in it. :) I titled it: "The bridge to rememberance""Samantha John

Couchiching Beach, Ontario

"I was sitting on a rock enjoying the scenery. I was playing with my camera when a bee landed right in front of me on a flower. *Snap*"Samantha John

Forest Walking Path, Ontario

"A friend and I were outside looking for things to take photographs of for our photography class when I saw this snail on the walking path. "Kaitlyn Brunn

Windsor, Ontario

"This photo was taken in a pleasant neighborhood around the University of Windsor area. It captures the beauty and peacefulness of the city. "Nirojitha Balasingam

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